Chatbot Concierge is Helping The Homeless in Our Community

For some, times are tough.
We are helping the only way we know how.
Giving essential clothing directly to those who need it most.

Our mission is to give the homeless a bag of clothing containing ONE outfit for all seasons:

  • Winter: long pants (sizes M-XL), long sleeve or thermal shirts, warm socks, any size shoes - preferably boots, gloves, winter hats, etc.

  • Fall: Light long sleeve shirts (any size), light pants/sweatpants, socks and shoes (any size)

  • Summer/Spring: Shorts (any size), t-shirts, hats (wide brim or bahamas-style), sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), sandals or shoes (any size), lightweight socks

100% of all donations help our mission to keep the homeless clothed in weather-appropriate attire. It just takes a minute to dig through some old clothes and send anything or everything in the list above.

If just one donation of essential clothing helps a homeless person down a path toward a better life, that makes us extraordinarily happy.

We encourage you to do the same in your community.

Would you like to help?

Also, spread the word on social media!

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