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Here are some of our favorite chatbot-related articles. This page is updated regularly with new news about chatbots. Our favorites stay here for quite a while - perhaps even permanently - just to show what an untapped industry this really is.

83% of online shoppers expect to receive assistance in under 5 minutes
…or they may head to a competitor’s website or abandon the purchase altogether…whats even more incredible is that this article is from 2013. We’d imagine the demand hasn’t decreased at all since then. How are YOU assisting your customers during the purchase process.

64% of adults surveyed indicated the ability to get 24-hour service is a big benefit of chatbots.
Consumers expect to find the information they need quickly and easily. Chatbots teamed with live agents provide the on-demand experience that they expect.

…and don’t neglect live chat! We are a great facilitator of the start of a conversation and its transition to live chat.

Live chat for hotels

Live chat boots hotel bookings

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All this news about bots? Well, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

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